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Since 1995, Medlab Ghana Ltd has been delivering quality laboratory services to the Ghanaian doctor and patient, embassies, visa programs, and corporate clients. As the first medical laboratory in West Africa to achieve accreditation under ISO 15189 in 2008, we set the pace for excellence in medical diagnostics. Our international accreditation recognises our commitment to quality, competency, and reliable results.

The accuracy of our test results is independently confirmed by an accredited Proficiency Testing provider who regularly send us unknown samples. Based on our results when processing these samples, they rank us amongst the best in the world. Not all, we have also been audited by DAkkS, a German Accreditation Body to maintain our accreditation in 2016 for the next cycle.

Medlab uses automated analysers, which are supplied by international companies and regularly maintained. We employ highly qualified staff who benefit from continued professional training. This assures our patients of the highest standard of quality the first time, each time, every time. Medlab performs these services in Ghana, with the exception of a few tests which are sent to internationally recognised referral labs in Europe, South Africa and the USA.

Medlab operates a central laboratory in Accra, two regional laboratories in Kumasi and Takoradi, and a dedicated in-house lab on the premises of a major clinical organisation. We operate a network of branches to provide courteous, comfortable, patient care at convenient collection points. We are committed to educating and informing our patients regarding their tests.

Since May 2015, Medlab Ghana Limited has been part of the Synlab Group, the largest Clinical Laboratory Services provider in Europe. Synlab has become a significant shareholder in Medven Africa, the parent company of Medlab, and has committed to support the future growth of Medlab. 

Synlab group, headquartered in Munich, Germany, was founded in 1998 and is the largest provider of medical laboratory services in Europe. Synlab also provides laboratory testing for veterinary medicine and environmental testing (eg. water). Synlab has branches in 35 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, and has a staff of approximately 13,000 including over 1,000 pathologists and academic professionals. Synlab performs approximately 1.3 million tests every day.

Thanks to the partnership with Synlab, Medlab provides the physicians in Ghana with a catalogue of over 5,000 specialised tests, and has access to an extensive range of specialised pathologists who consult on patient results.  

For further information on Synlab, please visit www.synlab.com.